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David Holt

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Favorite Roles

  1. -Mike - A Weekend to Forget (Basically last weekend after a handle of Jim Beam)

  2. -Orson - Rolling Romance (The true story of how two cars found love with the odds stacked against them)

  3. -Benedick - Much Ado About Nothing (yep, that’s a theatre show...)

  4. -Phil - Confessions of a Stalker (I went method on this one)

  5. -Misfit Son - Everybody Dances (Just reliving my teenage years really)

Current Show

Masterfully portraying the role of auditioneer extraordinaire.

“David Holt made me laugh and cry when we brought him in to audition.  It was really something to behold.  Made me reconsider most of my life’s choices.  We went with someone taller...”

- Some guy in an audition room

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